SPICE Airdrops for DROP holders (and not)


We’re pleased to announce that Cryptophyl will be airdropping SPICE to holders of SPICE and DROP on the exchange. The first of the two airdrops will be for one million SPICE tokens and will carried out by the Cryptophyl team as a promotional airdrop for DROP. The second will be for over two million SPICE tokens, and will be carried out by Cryptophyl on behalf of the spice.casa team.

1 Million SPICE for DROP holders

DROP is Cryptophyl's native exchange token. By holding DROP, you can receive token airdrops, referral bonuses and discounted trading fees. Learn more about DROP here.

When: 12:00 UTC on Saturday, 8th February, 2020

How much: One million SPICE tokens (approx. $2000 USD)

How to participate: Hold any amount of DROP in your Cryptophyl exchange account or in your own wallet. You’ll get tokens proportional to the amount of DROP tokens you hold. The more DROP you hold, the more SPICE you’ll receive. The total sum is split across the total amount of DROP in circulation at the time of the airdrop. You can learn more about the DROP distribution here.

2 Million SPICE for SPICE holders

This airdrop is carried out by the Cryptophyl team on behalf of spice.casa. spice.casa is a third-party platform which allows users to win SPICE tokens in a casino-like environment. spice.casa pays over 90% of revenue generated on the platform to holders of SPICE token, in particular those who hold at least 100,000 tokens. You can learn more about spice.casa and the airdrop here.

When: Friday, 14th February, 2020

How much: At least two million SPICE tokens (approx. $4000 USD, increasing daily)

How to participate: Hold any amount of SPICE in your Cryptophyl exchange account. You’ll get tokens proportional to the amount of SPICE tokens you hold. The more SPICE you hold, the more SPICE you’ll receive. Holding 100,000 SPICE or more will entitle you to the full airdrop amount. Cryptophyl will prioritise those who hold at 100,000 SPICE. Excess SPICE will then be distributed based on SPICE holdings to all other users, including those holding less than 100,000 SPICE.

Any questions? Send us a message in our Telegram group or an email to support@cryptophyl.com

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