Announcing 50,000 DROP monthly airdrop


50,000 Drop (DROP) SLP tokens will be airdropped every month for the next 12 months, based on trading volume.

What is Drop?

Drop is Cryptophyl's native exchange token. By holding Drop, you will get a proportion of newly airdropped tokens sent directly to your wallet.

Why should I care about Drop?

Cryptophyl partners with, lists and grows the best SLP token projects, whilst airdropping a portion of the token supply (for each listing) to holders of Cryptophyl’s Drop token. Occasional promotional airdrops are also carried out in between listings.

Drop is the only way to participate in token airdrops on Cryptophyl. Drop has a limited supply of 1 Million tokens. 300,000 DROP tokens have been distributed to early adopters. A further 600,000 DROP will be distributed over the next 12 months, through monthly distributions, each for 50,000 DROP.

How do I participate in monthly Drop distributions?

You can receive Drop by trading on Cryptophyl. On the 30th of each month, the total trading volume on the Cryptophyl exchange is calculated since the 30th of the previous month. You will receive Drop proportional to your trading volume relative to the total trading volume on the exchange, over this period.

Trades on any Cryptophyl market count towards your eligible for Drop volume. This includes:


Where will I receive my Drop?

Drop tokens will be deposited into your Cryptophyl exchange account on the 30th of every month. All airdrop operations happen at 12:00 UTC (noon UTC).

Can I withdraw Drop?

You may withdraw Drop. Airdrops for drop holders happen on the blockchain allowing you to verify received tokens. You can participate in airdrops even if you hold Drop in your own, offline wallet. Holding Drop in your Cryptophyl account also allows you to participate in airdrops for Drop holders. In this case, airdropped tokens will be deposited into your Cryptophyl exchange account.

What can I do with Drop?

Drop's value is derived from the ability to receive token airdrops, every time there is a new listing or promotional airdrop on Cryptophyl.

You can buy, sell and trade Drop on the DROP/BCH market.

When are the next airdrops for Drop holders?

  • 2,000,000 (2M) SPICE airdrop on Saturday 5th October
  • 1,500 (1.5K) USDH airdrop on Wednesday 16th October

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